Workshop with Bendy Kate on FRiday, 18.10.2019                  at our Studio in Basel Gundeldingerstrasse 313


Creative Stretching

Level: All Levels wellcome

One of the key aspects to flexibility training is creativity! Keeping stretching fresh, fun and inspirational will help you to continue or kick start your flexibility progression.

In this workshop you will learn creative sequences and series created by Bendy. It will incorporate dance, anatomy, partner stretches and contortion, and is guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired!

This intensive flexibility workshop can include: innovative warm up/conditioning sequences, full head to toe warm up, full spinal opening exercises, spinal strengthening and conditioning, contortion, back bends, bridges, needlescales, closed lunges and bridges, chest stand tips, PNF stretching, active stretching, wall stretching, middle split miracle exercises, acro stretches, over splits, creative poses and much more!




Level: Intermediate II / Advance

Learn pole transitions that melt seamlessely into each other. This is Bendy’s favourite workshop to teach, and you will soon find out why. Make your pole work look elegant and effortless with Bendy’s slow and smooth pole mastery. This pole workshop can contain grounded flow, fluid spinning and static transitions, rotations, along with spirals, lifts and aerial pole choreography.

“It’s not what you do, but how you do it”


Creative Strechting 17:45-19:45 Uhr

CHF 75.00

  • verfügbar
  • 1 - 3 Tage Lieferzeit1

Melt 19:50-21:50 Uhr

CHF 75.00

  • verfügbar
  • 1 - 3 Tage Lieferzeit1

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