Summerpolecamp tuscany with Bendy Kate 27.7.2018-3.8.2019

PoleArts Basel proudly presents their 7-day- Stage Pole intensive training in Tuscany (! Would you like to be part of it? Enjoying your stay at an

all-inclusive resort, then this is your chance to fulfil your dreams at the unbeatable rate per week. There are only 16 female participants this week allowed! The faster you apply the better your chances to be part of this incredible offer!

Apart from two all-inclusive Farm Houses with swimming pools, Internet, private cooks, shuttle- and washing service, you will be able to focus mainly on your Poledance effort on 8 Stage Poles. Bendy Kate will be able to teach every Level, but we mainly work on pushing you on a new level of your own

                                                       poledance experience.


The package includes:


Your all-inclusive stay in Tuscany offers you


·      Accommodation with healthy breakfasts, lunch and dinner with the best Stuff ever

·      Bathroom – beach towels and washing-service

·      Shuttle- service from the Trainstation Grosetto

       Sathurday the 27th of July at 2pm and 6pm

       Sathruday the 3rd of August at 4am and 8am

·      Check in on Saturday the 27th of July for all our participants from 2pm

·      Check out is on Saturday the 3rd of August for all our participants at 10am


·      Shedulle:

       Monday - Wednesday:   09:00-10:30  &  11:45-12:15 Poleworkeshop with Bendy

                                             14:15-15:45                            Nonpoleworkshopwith Bendy

                                             16:15-17:15                            Poleworkshop with Jasmin or Maja

                                             17:15-18:15                            Cool down with Jasmin


        Thursday:                      09:00-18:00                            Shopping & Beach Day in Grosseto 

                                                                                              There will be also the posibillity to stay at the house

                                                                                              or just go for shopping and come back to the house  


        Friday:                         09:00-10:30                             Poleflow with Jasmin

                                           10:30:-12:15                             Double with Jasmin & Maja


       Specials:                     Wednesday we have a challenge for you and a 90 minute contortionclass with Bendy







Villa Podere Siena (The courses take place at this Villa)

we have 4 double rooms with two bathrooms

CHF 1 530.00

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  • 1 - 3 Tage Lieferzeit1

Villa Fonte Canale (with Shuttlesercive to Podere Siena)

We have 4 double rooms sharing two bathrooms

CHF 1 345.00

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  • 1 - 3 Tage Lieferzeit1

General Terms & Conditions

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